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It’s confusing for a business to make the right decision with all the options available today. At Integris Design, we believe the best way to leverage success is understanding your business and combining it with our experience.

The Integris Design Difference:

  • Cost-Effective Flexibility
    We understand not all businesses have the same cash flow so we work with payment schedules, retainers, and single projects.

  • Two Decades of Executive Marketing Experience
    A plan is only as good as the people that create it. At Integris Design, you will receive the benefit of two decades worth of experience. This assures your goals are met looking at all your marketing & advertising options.

  • An Answer For Today’s Economy
    Let’s face it. It’s difficult to hire full-time professionals in today’s economy. We can work with you on a per project basis or offer subscription-based services. This means your business can have corporate level experience for less money than a full-time novice.

  • Personalized Services
    We are looking to work with a select number of businesses. Why? Because marketing today requires an intimate knowledge of a given business cultivated with a careful overall strategy and a collaborative effort. This recipe to success can’t be automated.

  • We do not work based on bulk
    That model is no longer a viable solution from a consumer or internet marketing perspective. Piecemealing services and hiring designers without an overall strategy in place is perhaps the biggest cancer in the business sector today.

  • Certified & Award-Winning Marketing and Creative Services

  • Integris Design can “plug & unplug” to meet your business setup.
    We can work with your Creative Department or offer services to meet both your creative and marketing needs. Our services extend to both “offline” and “online” services, which translates to one call regardless of your needs.

  • We Take Time To Learn Your Business
    There are certain steps required for a business to be successful. Anyone can design a brochure or a logo with nominal results. For a marketing effort to truly be realized, it requires a plan developed from personalized experience.

  • Our Proven Steps
    Contrary to popular belief, design is not the first step in any project. Our process includes understanding your strategic advantages, competitor analysis, target demographic research, and strategic planning. Content and design is then crafted to support the analytical data.

  • Grounded in Reality
    We will not oversell our services with sensationalism. Our solutions are grounded and refined to to maximize your success potential.

  • Exclusivity Agreements
    In competitive programs, we will not serve your competitors. This means you are our number 1 concern.


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