Web Development Services

Every business needs carefully crafted website that will engage their target demographic. Regardless of your web strategy or preference, we can help. We’ve even created our own web development platform called MaxWebGear.

Watch the video below to learn more.

For businesses, it’s often hard to decide the best solution for their website. We make it easy by understanding your goals and budget, then creating a custom plan to to meet that criteria.


  • Understanding your online goals
  • Creating the best web solution to meet those goals
  • Integration of a solid solution to meet your short, mid-term, and long-term goals in order to eliminate wasted resources.
  • 100% turnkey solution and unified billing
  • Full service solutions, including eCommerce, custom needs, and much more

Typical Workflow

  • Evaluate current website
  • Understand your business goals, demographic, and offerings
  • Create initial design & site architecture outline
  • Develop site based on criteria
  • Beta testing
  • Add content (if applicable)
  • Train client for self-management (if desired)
  • Integrate tracking
  • Marketing plan
  • Fine-tuning & continual support
  • Core updates