Website Security

Security Matters

Securing a website is a critical and overlooked aspect of web development and not just for eCommerce. For example many hackers are trying to break into your website to hijack your email for Spamming.

At Integris Design, we follow the standard practice of salting installations, protecting against brute attacks and securing our servers.

But we also offer service such as…

  • actively participate in programs like Project Honeypot, a project designed to minimize known Spammers
  • track and block known IP offenders
  • lock offenders out of your website after a certain number of failed login attempts
  • offer two-step authentication
  • block standard admin portals
  • regularly scan content
  • never working with any site that contains pornography or other questionable content
  • reverse lookup standards and reporting to other hosting companies that been compromised in other to make the web community safer

Our security protocol is standard with every website we develop.